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Bleep Med

TYPE Mobile Application
YEAR 2019
ROLE User Research, UX Audit, Recommendations
new features, and improvements, Design
user-friendly interfaces, Designing a great
filtering system to filter products easily
BleepMed, is a project designed to help patients avoid long queues and save their time when visiting a doctor in UAE. Also, this application helps to streamline and improve the traditional process of purchasing medications. The key findings from the research and analysis phase which were beneficial when designing the BleepMed mobile application are documented below.
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About Project

It was a project done for a doctor in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The project was a doctor app designed for patients to book doctors and to purchase medicines from pharmacies.
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Project Goals

To allow an easy way to purchase medicines and book consultations without the hassle and to save time. We organize the entire process through innovative solutions that simplify the process in real life.
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Project Objectives

User interview and observation, identify the pain points, empathy map, user journey, prototyping and micro-interaction, problem identification and creativity, and finally giving a smooth experience through this app and obtaining all their needs by the services offered.

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