Inspire design thinking to
spark innovation
Hands-on, Activity based creative thinking workshops that would instill
design thinking methodologies in your workplace.
Fine tune your
problem statements
We conduct design thinking workshops that are a two way discussion between our team and yours. We collaborate to figure out the exact requirement of your product, and investigate on paths that you might not have thought of, when defining what you need to solve your existing problem. The workshop will refine your requirement and fine tune it to be developed into an effective solution.
Develop an internal team
of thinkers
Our Design thinking workshops are developed to inspire creatives of any calibre to dust off their wings and think outside the box. Our workshops are composed of both technical and motivational sessions that is proven to encourage novel thinking patterns that disrupt the norm in creatives.
Design thinking is not
just for designers
Design thinking is a problem-solving methodology that can be embraced by anyone. Design thinking is a set of cognitive, strategic, and practical processes by which design problems are solved. A design thinking workshop motivates collaboration, teamwork, and active participation of each participant to educate them on the design thinking process, which can be used to develop creative solutions to critical problems in the workplace.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A Design Thinking Workshop is an ideation session run in groups and teams. In a workshop, all UX and design practices are used together to understand users’ pain points to create rapid ideas. Workshop culture fosters empathy and genuine discussion of design ideas in a human-centric way.

Depending on where the project stands within the Design Thinking process, workshops can be used to output anything from early strategic requirements to fully-functional prototypes. Generally, Design Thinking workshops are conducted at the pre-design phase of a project/feature. But given the complexity of the project/problem, the team can organize Design Thinking workshops at any time when necessary.

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