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We offer a spectrum of specialized services to upgrade your customer
retention and attraction through carefully crafted experience design.
Develop products that are guaranteed to win
Over the years of development with multiple partners, we have realized that we need products that need to be empathized with the users at a fundamental level to deliver actual value to them. This is what makes a product genuinely win the market.
We design experiences that inspire
There needs to be a comprehensive analysis of your users and their preferences to pinpoint their pain points, and develop designs that address their needs specifically, up to the level that the user feels like the product was tailor-made for them. This is what we do at Rootcode Studio; data-driven, user-centric experience design.
Future proof atomic design approach
Design projects that are future proof and flexible with us using the Atomic Design principles ensure that your product is consistent with each upgrade, and consistency is maintained inside and out.

Our UX Process

Our UX Process revolves around the 3I process that we crafted at Rootcode
Studio, with the intention of inspiring independent and innovative design


First, we immerse ourselves in the project, and into the minds of the end users of your product to empathize and understand their pain points. We conduct research and discover what the users actually expect, their mentality and build an immersion map.


We bounce ideas back and forth between you and our creatives to define the boundaries of the product and what pain points it should focus on addressing. Then, we brainstorm and define how the product can best address them.


We innovate an array of solutions that can be used to address the defined pain points by looking at them in multiple perspectives. We build prototypes for them and conduct user research to recognize success levels. Finally, we decide on the optimum design that delivers the best User Experience to your customer.


Case Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

The timeline of a typical UX project can be over three to six weeks. It can include either only generative research or usability testing. Another standard timeline is conducting generative research to understand the problem, and then creating insight-based prototypes for usability testing. Although timelines can differ based on the availability of the resources, here are the basic guidelines:

  • Generative research methods can take 4–6 weeks
  • Evaluative research methods (usability testing) can take 2–4 weeks
  • Surveys can take 1–2 weeks
  • Recruitment can take 1–2 weeks
  • Alignment meetings can take up to 1 week

User experience designers are in high demand at both startups and big companies, seeking creative, critical, and technically skilled designers to bolster the user experience of their products and give them a competitive advantage. But the roles and responsibilities of UX designers can greatly differ depending on where they work, and the experience of a UX designer working for a startup could be a world away from a designer from a well-known organization. Moreover, given the current trends in the industry, great UX is no longer the differentiator between a new startup and its more advanced competition, it’s a necessity.

When designing with UX in mind, businesses can see a huge improvement in sales and conversions. It’s simple, give your users a great experience and they’ll reward you with their trust and business.

If the primary goal of your business is to increase its sales and increase the growth of the business, then, of course, you need a UI/UX design. With users having lots of choices and alternatives for the products and services, the span of time you get to grab the attention of your users is quite less and you have to hit the bullseye in this short span of time. UX/UI Design plays an essential role in achieving this goal.

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